Free Golf Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

For instance how your hips might be rotating during your swing, where your hands are on the golf club or maybe even how your knees are bent before you get into your swing. All of these seemingly little things factor in when trying to develop a perfect golf swing, but most of them are overlooked.

Almost everyone who has ever attempt this game has failed miserable the first couple of times out on the golf course, mostly because their ego gets the best of them and they believe it is an easy sport to master. On TV the pros like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson make hitting 300+ drives down the fairway and 50 foot puts look easy, but that is as far from the truth as can be.

Playing the game of golf takes a lot of skill and concentration, especially around huge crowds like the pros are used to, but it all starts with a good, solid swing. A lot of people who just start off playing golf usually come up to the tee and try knock the ball into next week much like a baseball player would when he is up to bat, but developing a perfect golf swing takes a mixture of fitness and power, but more so control and concentration.

There are a few simple golf tips you can use when you are just starting out on the links. One is to never take your eye off the ball during your swing or you will hit the ball into God knows where. Keep your eyes fixed on the ball, shoulders square, arms straight with your left arm being like your cross hairs for the ball if you are right handed. Now that you have the form down when you swing you don’t want to twist your wrists during the swing until after impact. Once you have made contact follow through with the swing motion until the club is behind your back and the ball is headed down the fairway.

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