Golf Magazines for Women

As a female golfer you may feel like you have been left out of the loop as most of the reference materials designed for golfers are geared towards men. If you are looking to improve your golfing skills, or if you are just looking for a golf media source that caters to the female golfer, then you should consider subscribing to golf magazines that are designed for women. The list of women’s golf magazines is limited, however, there are a couple of good options.

Your first option is Golf Digest for women, more commonly referred to as Golf for Women. This magazine offers columns that provide female focused articles on golf tips, stories, and golfer profiles. Some of the departments that this magazine offers include: equipment, instruction, GFW Handicap, course and travel, and a let’s talk golf column. If you would like to preview this periodical before you buy it then you can visit its website. Here you will not only find the same information that is found within the print version of the magazine, but you will also find subscription information and pricing information.

Women’s World of Golf Magazine is another option that you have if you are interested in women’s golf periodicals. This magazine offers the basics like Instructions and equipment information. However, it also offers information on the LPGA, golf fashion for women, and women’s golf vacation profiles.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on magazine subscriptions, but you still want golf tips and information geared towards women, then you always have the option of viewing online golfing magazines that have a female focus. Ezines are another option that you have for finding great golfing information and articles with a female focus. Some of your ezine options include the Ladies Golf Journal and the online version of Tee Time Magazine, which has a New England focus.

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