How to Make Sponsorship Money From Golf

Part of the reason why people a particular profession is because of the monetary rewards they expect to reap from it. Money plays a big part in making a career choice and preparing well for that career is indeed an exercise that you must participate in with complete honesty and zealousness.

Sure not everyone can be a Tiger Woods despite education and honesty. But the higher you aim the more you will grow. Golf is a game that helps you make plenty of money. And this has nothing to do with which end of the club you use! Whether your golf icon is Greg Norman or Tiger Woods or any other player, you need to be focused on your goal and stay determined to follow it despite all obstacles.

This article is an attempt to help you learn ways to make money from golf. Because, money makes the world go round and you can make a killing being involved in the golf industry! Curious how? Read on…

Some of the sceptics amongst you may ask, why Golf. There are other good ways to make money. You are probably right, but golf is a very popular game and gaining in popularity quickly. It’s been known as the rich man’s game for long especially because it was played by the rich people back in the olden days. It’s also been known as a business game. Many a stories of how golf helped businessmen expand their business and become successful have spawned over the years. But nowadays, golf is not merely a luxury that can be afforded only by a select few. Now golf has captured the imagination of even commoners who have taken to it quite aggressively. Golf equipment costs plenty of dollars, but despite this, there aren’t enough places where you can play a leisurely game of golf without bumping into someone you know. So also, practice makes perfect and any golfer who wants to better his/her games wants to practice their putts and strokes so that they can feel confident to challenge other people. This is exactly where you come in.

If you have any vacant plot then you can lease it. Don’t worry if it’s not in the middle of the town. Even if your plot is located around the outskirts, people won’t mind driving down as they will get to practice their drives, improve their putting, and work their strokes. You can charge them around $40 to $50 per hour to simply stand at a spot and whack some golf balls into the greens. Additionally, you can also sell golf balls because when these gamers will also need some balls. So, $50 for a set of 20 balls can be made quick and easy. And yes, these people do have the money to spend…so quit worrying!

Once the amateur golf players have gone back home, you can collect all the golf balls and resell them again. None of the players would expect to get their golf balls back from the driving range. And if you are enterprising, you can even start selling golf equipment and clothing because you can earn as much as 500% on these equipments.

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