Correcting Your Golf Slice Problem With Instruction

A good golf swing requires a lot of work especially if you are a natural slicer. Probably more golfers have a problem with controlling their slice than any other golf swing problem. If you read any of the many golf magazines or visit golf websites you will quickly notice that a lot of articles and advice concerns correcting slice problems. Unfortunately there are many different expert opinions and methods that in some cases are opposite in application. This leads many golfers to confusion and many times frustration. Some golfers never develop a good golf swing and thereby give up the game all together.

Good golf swing instruction tips used to reduce or cure your slice include proper grip, release positions, club offset , right elbow placement, keeping the left wrist flat, proper take away, swing tempo and many more tips and theories. All are put forth by various instructors and golf professionals in an effort to cure your slice and give you a good golf swing. The question is which method or combination of tips that will work for you. In addition there are many e-books found on the internet that you can read to find the right tip that will decrease you slice and increase your draw.

Golf instruction by a teaching professional is probably the most effective way of correcting your slice problems. The golf instructor will observe you as you make your swing using both irons and woods. Many times you will be video taped during this process. After careful analysis your instructor will begin to correct the flaws in your swing one by one. He will prescribe exercises that will correct these problems areas. In addition he may suggest that you use various golf swing aids to help you develop a good golf swing. Your teaching professional will also examine your equipment to determine if you need to make some changes. These changes may include shaft material and flex as well as any club head offset that your clubs may have. Most pros have available several types of clubs that have various features that will help you develop a good golf swing. More than likely it will take time for you to eliminate your slice and develop a good draw on your drive and long irons. Using a teaching pro will cost you a significant amount of money but if are able to permanently correct your slice it may be worthwhile. Think about all the money you will save on lost balls and the associated embarrassment being the tall grass looking for your ball while your partners impatiently wait for you on the fairway.

Most likely you will always have to practice the fundamentals you learned from your pro to continue your golf slice correction []. You play golf because it is supposed to be a fun endeavor. Playing poorly will increase the chances that you will eventually give up the game of golf altogether. Removing your slice from your game will certainly go a long way to making the game more enjoyable and will eventually give you the good golf swing that you need to play well.

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