Health Benefits of Golf Vacations

While some of the activities that are pursued on vacation may have a less than great impact on your waistline, there is one recreational vacation activity very popular that can actually be beneficial for your health: golf. An afternoon spent golfing can have positive effects on both your mental and physical health.

Health benefits you get while on a golf vacation:

All the benefits of taking a walk: An afternoon spent golfing may seem like a leisurely pursuit, but if you skip the golf cart and walk the course instead, you will walk between four and eight miles over the course of any given game.

Regular walking has been shown to decrease one’s risk of:
Cancer heart disease diabetes

Regular golfers improve the health of their heart and control their weight: Regular exercise, such as the exercise one gets while playing golf on vacation, lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, and controls blood pressure. All of these factors contribute to a stronger, healthier heart.

A single round of golf while on vacation can burn up to one thousand calories. This is a great way to balance the delicious food and drinks that you will enjoy on your vacation.

More benefits of playing golf on your vacation:
Release of endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones released by your body that result in feelings of pleasure. Golfing signals your body to release these powerful and natural mood enhancers. Use your muscles. Between walking, swinging, and scanning the horizon for your incredible drive, you will use a variety of muscles in your arms, shoulder, legs, and back that are not utilized in your usual routine. Regular muscle use results in strengthened muscles and increased range of motion: a healthier, stronger body shaped by golf!

Combine with relaxing downtime for maximum benefit:

While nothing beats a great round of golf in a memorable place, it’s important to schedule some downtime for relaxation. Many popular golf vacations will combine time for things like sightseeing or shopping. Or even better would be things like free time at the beach or a spa.

So next time you and your loved ones go on vacation, don’t hesitate to spend your time on the golf course. More than a good time, a day spent golfing can be an investment in good health!

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